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The solution to unlock the full potential of your SSV by accessing the Donerre technology.


This new product benefits from all our know-how acquired through the high level competition for many years. The EFFEX damper is designed of high quality materials subject to effective surface treatments, which contributes to the excellence of its performance. In addition the reliability and extreme durability well known from all other Donerre products is also present on this damper. The EFFEX is equipped with a body and a piston made of aeronautical aluminum, which not only makes it possible to lighten its weight but also to improve the stability of the hydraulic values from 20 °C to 220 °C. Its low speed compression setting does not require any tools.

NEW: Donerre now offers the adjustment of the hydraulic bump stop. 5 different settings, represent an effective and accessible adjustment. The hydraulic rebound stop allows the EFFEX damper to replace any type of travel strap, allowing better protection of the chassis. In addition, the angle of the reservoir is adjustable even when the damper is pressurized.


  • Damper rod hardened and chromed Ø 22m
  • Body and piston aluminum made Ø 45mm
  • Double Donerre sealing system
  • 3 Compression settings (High and Low speed + hydraulic bump stop)
  • 1 Rebound setting
  • Hydraulic bump stop in rebound
  • Piggy-Back head with angle of the reservoir adjustable
  • Total weight reduced
  • Spring preload adjustable 

Product sheet_Effex


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