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Donerre is a team of specialists. The team constantly innovates and designes new revolutionary racing damper systems. The team is able to design new damper  technologies, but also is able to work on suspension development:

  • double wishbone or trailing arm design
  • design of damper ratio curves
  • suspension engineering
  • dynamic vehicle tests and studies
  • laboratory measurements
  • software development
  • specific damper test on the dynamometer (endurance test, temperature test, curves analysis)


In order to keep always the best performance out of your Donerre dampers, it is necessary to rebuild them regularly. We advise to rebuild dampers after around 5000 km of racing use.

Rebuilds are done in high-quality standards:

  • Full disassembly of the shock
  • Cleaning and careful check of each sensitive part
  • Replacement of each part that is damaged to fulfil its function
  • Replacement of all the main seals
  • Re-assembly of the damper with the same care as if it was new
  • Bleeding of the damper with brand new oil
  • Dynamometer test and comparison of the hydraulic curve with the curve of the same damper when it was new; it must be identical, otherwise we do the full process again


We offer testing sessions in order to help set-up the vehicle and improve its performance.

For a test session, we can install a data acquisision system on the vehicle. It will record the GPS track and speed of the vehicle at any time. We install position sensors on each damper to measure their displacement when the vehicle is moving. This allows to get a lot more information than just the feeling of the driver, and provide a better accuracy of the adjustments.

We organize testing for our customers on test tracks in Fontjoncouse in south of France, which Donerre  co-developed. The test tracks are considered to be the best testing area in Europe for WRC and cross-country competitors. We also provide testing where the customer decides, where it suits him best.   

For more details about Fontjoncouse test tracks go to www.rallyeraid4×

Race support

Donerre can assist its customers during a race event, to provide them support and advice during the race in order to maximize their potential for good results.  


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