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Founded in 1994, the company Donerre is located in Montech, north of Toulouse, France. The company has been exclusively involved in racing products. Donerre offers products of exceptional quality. In order to achieve that goal, the company manufactures the majority of its components used in their dampers in-house.

The important assembly phase is done in-house and each damper is then systematically tested on the company's dynamometer. Each Donerre damper is individually checked and evaluated throughout the production process. Every damper has a unique serial number enabling the company to track its entire life cycle.

The strength of Donerre is the close relationship between the design office, its customers and its team on races.

The results obtained by Donerre dampers in all categories of races are exceptional: Donerre has won the Dakar in motorbike category, in car categories (T1 and T2) and in truck category. Each time, the team won with the same dampers set, without any servicing of the dampers from the start to the finish of the race.

In 2008 Donerre became the importer in France of WP Suspension products. Donerre team worked closely with WP Suspension to develop their DETRA technology for WP Suspension dampers, which is known as TRAX.

In 2017 Donerre has been acquired by the Czech group OSTRA GROUP. Together with its other motorsport projects and financial strength, it offers for Donerre new opportunities for the future.






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