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ART System

The ART system can be used for anti-roll (when cornering), for anti-dive (under braking), anti-squat (under acceleration) or a compromise of these three parameters.


This system allows to increase the compression damping value on external wheels into corners, and/or on front wheels under braking, and/or on rear wheels under acceleration. The behavior of the vehicle is enhanced, the stability in direction changes is improved and also when driving mistakes occurs.
With the ART, you will have two independant hydraulic curves which are separatly adjustable: standard High/Low speed compression and ART High/Low speed compression.

The setup of this system can permit to reduce anti-roll bar rate which allows wheels to be more independant. This increase motricity and general grip of the vehicle: the whole performance of it is significally enhanced.

The ART system is compatible with the Absolut and Lithium dampers and can also be retrofitted.


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