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DETRA System

The patented DETRA system, developed after years of research, is aiming to get the wheel back on the ground as quickly and as often as possible.

In effect the DETRA completely releases the rebound control as soon as the wheel is off the ground. 


Undisputable better grip on various levels

• Traction: the longer wheel/ground contact will improve acceleration and braking.

• Trajectory: the DETRA enables the vehicle to remain on the proper racing line at higher speed because there is less loss of contact between the wheel and the ground.

• The rebound setting does not need to be a trade off between vehicle balance and traction.

• Optimum stroke: between 2 obstacles the damper goes back to full stroke in a few milliseconds and therefore increases the available stroke to dampen the next obstacle

• Comfort, absorption capacity of obstacles: when passing an obstacle, the damper readjusts itself sooner, the energy dissipation takes place on a longer distance, which decrease largely the risk of packing down and also improves the vehicle's capacity of overcoming obstacles. This makes the ride more comfortable. 

Improved vehicle performance

• Better traction and braking, handling and obstacle management leads to better driving times.

• Chassis and all mechanical elements will get less fatigue that permits a longer life.

• The driver and co-pilot will enjoy a smoother ride and be less tired afterwards.

Release assistance

For the system to work at its best we have developed and patented an assistance system for the DETRA which makes it far more reactive than the conventional system.

For more details about DETRA click here.

Another advantage is that the DETRA is not affected by the damper setting, age and/or temperature; its behaviour will remain constant, predictable and trustworthy.

A third advantage is that the system will react exactly the same on a unique bump as on a series of bumps.




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